so many errors, so lazy to correct.


i’ve had so many mistakes i’ve done, specifically “grammar” and “misleading way of expressing what i truly what to say” mistakes in which i can’t get the right words to properly portray what’s really on my mind like i mentioned on the se– third post here in my blog.


what the fuck is wrong me, really?



i feel like there’s some sort of blockage everytime.

a space, a blank that mysteriously blocks my mind to think.

the formula i guess for this phenomena is maybe i’d become neurotic without realizing half way through that mostly will turn into a brain fart that’ll eventually become an error; outputting a blank when transferred the signal to my hand ‘causing me to freeze and frown…becoming frustrated.


after noticing these, i feel guilty for how incomplete the post and embarrassing it was.


maybe also, i haven’t realized this before but…maybe i was also scared of being judged that makes me cautious though to the extreme that’d made me paranoid, expect and make a mess in the end.


having also so many things to say and want to share making it hard for me to sort them out and feeling i just wanna throw them all away at once.


so you know what? i’m not gonna correct a shit when it’s done and over and posted…

(unless it needs some minor tweaking lol)

i’m not gonna correct it ’cause…well…i’m LAZY.

having to correct them will make them more messy TRUST ME.


secondly, i couldn’t careless anymore after my neurosis since freaking out right after it makes me loosely drained and tired.

thirdly…it’s for comedic purpose.

my future self will forgot all about this eventually, of course.

lol i’m making fun of my future self. wtf.


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