i don’t understand the point…

lol i shouldn’t laugh at this; this is srs.

before anything else, this is gonna be one pointless blabber of mine.

i started this post at 1 AM whilst my brain frying since the afternoon.

straightly coming from what i’m thinking currently to how i type it directly at instant.

no EDIT. no double-thinking. with occasional pauses, of course. lol

anyhow going back to what i want to talk about where in it’s entitled “i don’t understand the point…”

it looks negative already coming from one fragmented sentence.

what i want to say really is about…meet-ups and conventions.

NOW, i’m not downplaying and degrading this at all; this is just the matter of how i honestly feel about it.

i understand it has it’s purpose in a way and some people enjoy it, i understand that.

but my opinion for this is, i don’t really get it.

let me explain and confuse you more.

i’m no expert in diagnosing and this is just based from my own research and understanding that i have Social Anxiety Disorder a.k.a SAD. (one of a hell of Acronym lol)

i fit mostly or partially the traits and conditions of having SAD; therefore, explains why i’m uncomfortable with social gatherings.

simple right?

no not quite, really.

as much as i have this kind of “Disorder”, i much enjoy solitude and having of alone time.

it just became a Disorder because i just suck at dealing with people in general if i ran out of energy in social situations.

being alone and enjoying the peach & quiet rejuvenate my energy for it once again.

it’s not like i hate talking to people nor i dislike the company of people, i just. get. drained. so. fast. in. socializing.

now, the meet ups and conventions.

i had an experience before going to a convention and a one-on-one meet up…and those were just plain awkward.

on a convention, Anime/Manga/Cosplay convention, specifically..i almost got Claustrophobic.

well, what do i expect coming alone? i just had to find a place to breathe.

and then there’s a meet-up, oh fucking hell i was so neurotic all the way.

i know it’s just me and it’s not their fault…i’m not blaming them for making me uncomfortable.

i’m just stating that i suck at socializing.






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